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To film historians, he is the legal brain and policyshaper behind the new german cinema of the 1960s and 1970s. Marx is relevant because he was occupied by the forces. Pdf alexander kluges news from ideological antiquity. Doch alexander kluge hat sich trotzdem dran gewagt. These two met in 1929 to discuss filming marxs kapital. Alexander kluges installations duke university press. Kluge s stance is marked by wonder, questions and a certain amount. Kluge is also one of the major german fiction writers of the late20th century and an important social critic. Eisensteins adaptation of karl marxs capital 19271928 is a phantom in a double sense. Eighty years later, the german filmmaker and writer alexander kluge returned to eisensteins abandoned project and made it. Marx eisensteincapital, henceforth referred to as news.

After completing his high school education in berlin, he studied law, history and music at universities in marburg and frankfurt am main and received his doctorate in law in 1956. Kluge was born in the town of halberstadt in the vicinity of magdeburg in 1932, the son of a doctor. In early october 2014, alexander kluge presented a series of films at the whitechapel gallery in london. First english edition of 1887 4th german edition changes included as indicated with some. Critique of political economy volume 1 marx, karl, engels, friedrich, moore, samuel, aveling, edward on. Capital and co klugeeisensteinmarx screening the past. His fictional works, which tend toward the short story form, are significant for their formal experimentation and insistently critical thematics. Alexander kluge is one of the most important voices of the 20th century.

Within this torrent of ideas, kluge appears to be referring to the way in which the. But the bottom line of this investigation and its occasional detours is a concern with the present. Alexander kluge s news from ideological antiquity begins with russian filmmaker sergei eisensteins ambitious but unrealized plan to combine karl marxs capital and james joyces ulysses. Alexander kluge in prague is a series of film screenings by the prominent writer, director and producer alexander kluge who celebrated his eightieth birthday this february. Kluges stance is marked by wonder, questions and a certain amount of naivete that intends to show how marxs theory of commodity production is not outmoded. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Was one of the founders of the oberhausener manifest in. On new german cinema, art, enlightenment, and the public. News from ideological antiquity marxeisensteinthe capital. Whether youve loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Em seu ambicioso noticias da antiguidade ideologica. In the current period of global economic crisis, kluge s documentary can be seen as a toolbox for investigating what is happening to our modern lives.

Alexander kluge wurde 1932 als sohn des arztes ernst kluge geboren. Eighty years later, the german filmmaker and writer alexander kluge returned to eisensteins abandoned project and made it the topic of a massive film essay. Nothing came of it, but the project is still regarded as one of the most fascinating unrealised film projects in history. This translation of the psychosis of the internet age into images creates an atlas in which different variations on elvis presleys song blue. The value of toward fewer images is its ability to unravel and disclose the conceptual richness of alexander kluge s oeuvre. The programming culminated in a seven hour sunday screening of news from the ideological antiquity. Although alexander kluge is best known in germany as a filmmaker, author. Interview with alexander kluge that is, we combined antirobinsonism, the utmost artistic efforts, freedom, and responsibility for the economics. Kluge s monumental news from ideological antiquity. Marxeisensteincapital, alexander kluge, germany, 2008. Public sphere under capital 177primary and secondary exploitation 180. Alexander kluge, samtliche kinofilme frankfurt am main. Contemporary cinema alexander kluge tabakalera tabakalera. But how could one cinematize eisenstein money, commodity, profit.

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