Nebon illusion magician spell book deck ygopro

Ygopro dark magician windwitch spellbook deck 2017 youtube. Displays booster decks boxen dragon ball produkte displays booster decks keyforge produkte force of will produkte displays decks. This deck is a personal design that im still working the kinks out of, but it meant to be competitively viable. Firefox users dont worrya similar firefox addon will be out soon. Spellbook magician of prophecy card details yugioh. Credit to edge515 for deck and strategy submission. Basically the main strategy revolves around using cards like eternal soul, dark magic veil, and magicians navigate to summon dark magician as consistently as possible to activate dark magic circles effect and remove cards off the field, while using the rest of his support cards to help adapt to any potential. Ebon illusion magician x1 ebon high magician x1 number 39. Spellbooks ft spelbook star halldwimmered path spellbooks deck.

The dark magicians x1 tags dark magician deck ygopro dark magician deck duels dark magician deck 2019. Mtggoldfish magic the gathering prices, decks and strategy. This deck has a few dead draws but when you get really good ones, you. Usual opening combo is to use the normal summon effect of magicians rod to search for dark magical circle, then use the 2nd effect of dark magical circle to banish a card. Apprentice illusion magician x2 magician of dark illusion x2 dark magician x3 fantastical dragon phantazmay x2 spellbook magician of prophecy x2 magicians rod x3 dark magician girl. Dont forget to subscribe to the channel and like the videos. The exceptions are hidden spellbook and spellbook magician of. Ebon illusion magician jumpen070 ultra rare limited. Utopia beyond x1 magi magi magician gal x1 borrelsword dragon x1 knightmare unicorn x1. Hi there, im very new to mtg former competitive yugioh player i was wondering if there was an mtg simulator sorta thing where you could test decks and play against bots or. Spellbook of secrets x1 soul servant x3 dark magical circle x2 secrets of dark magic x1 bond between. Spellbooks arent without flaws, as there are many ways to shut a spellbook deck down.

Spellbook of knowledge x2 bond between teacher and student x1 spellbook of secrets x2. Spellbook cards focus on creating advantage, like raising a monsters atk. The english names come from the riderwaite tarot deck which uses the. Amores of prophecy ancient sorcerer apprentice illusion magician.

Dark magic attack x1 pot of duality x2 spellbook of knowledge x2 spellbook of secrets x2 swords of revealing light x2. Dark magician yugioh deck profile a souless profile. Ebon illusion magician x1 borrelsword dragon x1 black luster soldier soldier. Look at the top 3 cards of your deck, then you can reveal 1 dark magician or 1 spell trap that specifically lists the card dark magician in its text, among them, and add it to your hand, also place the remaining cards on top of your deck in any order.

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